Where’s this song then?

Oi. I thought you were bringing out a new song?!

The truth is I haven’t had the motivation to do anything with the song. It’s been a tough time over lockdown and I haven’t been inspired to do any work on it. AND. I don’t know when I will have the motivation to do anything with it. I’ll be pretty busy up till the summer so we’ll see what happens then. I haven’t given up.

Holy Corony

so, last year was just a total wipe out. Didn’t get anything done. Didn’t do anything. But I’m trying to do some more now. I laid down some bass and organ tracks for Andy Wyper’s new project. More news soon. I also made some music videos for the remixes of “in line” and “pay cheque” – they’re on YouTube – search : yellowbentinesmusic. Just now I’m working on an old song that I wrote with CC back in the day. I’ve changed the lyrics as they were CC’s. Give it a month and we’ll see how it comes together. Peace ✌

It’s getting a little bit tricky

So. I’m still at the ceilidh set. Practising away on the accordion but after listening to Jimmy Shand and some other ceilidh bands on Spotify I realise that I’ll need to speed most of the sets up, a lot. I’ve got the Dashing White Sargent pegged in at around 200 bmp and I’ve only been playing it at 120ish. So not quite back to the drawing board but there is work to be done. In saying that my waltzes are fine locked in at 130 bmp.